FIRST new products are being launched by MyEnergi, the new company from Lincolnshire renewables innovator Lee Sutton.

The Zappi is an intelligent take on a standard electric vehicle charger for homes and businesses, while Eddi is an advanced version of a core product that brought him initial success with 4Eco.

Both manage the maximum self consumption from micro generation devices such as solar panels and wind turbines, with the capacity to co-ordinate demand with cheaper tariff times.

Previously Mr Sutton was the technical lead and one of three directors behind 4 Eco, a business that reached a £2.8 million turnover before being hit by changes to the Government’s solar incentive scheme and entering voluntary insolvency.

Now his inventions have returned to market as he embarks again, having assembled a small team, as reported in December.

Of Zappi, he said: “I have been working in the renewables industry for over ten years now and being an electric vehicle driver myself I found it frustrating not being able to maximise the benefits of my solar panels when charging my car. The technical team and I at MyEnergi have spent the last 12 months developing Zappi. Not only is Zappi easy to use, it is also easy to install and complies with all relevant European standards.”

The team is currently applying for registration with the Government’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles, with grants available to cover installation costs, which is seen as another benefit for those turning to electric. Early orders are helping fund the recent start-up, with Zappi launched on entrepreneurial crowd funding site Indiegogo.

Since the unveiling, capital for the first production run has been secured through traditional sources by the Binbrook-based team, but the online £40,000 target will help take the business on again.

The £495 device is being snapped up on there too, with an incentive offered for early backers, as it looks to late spring and early summer for first deliveries.

Eco advocate and Humberston actress Sophie Powles features in the promotional video, alongside business development manager Jordan Marie Brompton. She managed to pull in her friend for the opportunity, with the blessing of her agent, having recently .

“We are so proud to share this product,” Mrs Brompton said. “After a year of hard work and development we hope to revolutionise electric vehicle charging. We’ve been overwhelmed by the response not just in the UK but around the world with the excitement and need for this type of product.

“Indiegogo is such a great and modern way to help small companies with innovative big ideas manifest their projects into a reality.”

While Sophie proved an early coup, following her high-profile stint in Emmerdale, there’s another budding star in the making too, mascot Sparki. “We have big plans for him as well as the products,” enthused Mrs Brompton, with the potential to move into educating young minds about green energy.

By Grimsby Telegraph | Posted: 22 Mar 2017