Hello from the myenergi team. We’ve got so much to tell you this month. We a time scale for dispatch of both products. zappi has been pushed back slightly due to a piece of production equipment not arriving in time and software tweaks, however eddi has been brought forward slightly. eddi will be end of August, zappi in September. We’ll give you detailed updates week on week.

We do apologise for the delay, unfortunately it’s just the nature of the beast when bringing new products to market. You don’t have much longer to wait, we are so excited to get them out to you.

Fully Charged

For those of you who are not aware of Fully Charged it’s a YouTube show hosted by Robert Llewellyn famously known for his role in Red Dwarf and Scrap Heap Challenge. Robert is huge fan/advocate of electric cars and renewable energy. Jordan met him up in Orkney where he took a liking to our zappi product and asked to film an episode on it there and then.  The episode is set to go out to his 185k subscribers and 2 million viewers in the next few weeks. He’s already given the zappi a little shout out in one of his latest episodes the Tesla model S 100D review. Check it out 11 minutes in. We’ll let you know when the full episode is aired.

Product Innovation AWARD (Solar Power Portal) – We’re delighted to announce we’ve been shortlisted for another National Award this time in the UK with Solar Power Portal. Funnily enough Robert Llewellyn will be hosting it. We’ll be at the Hilton Metropole on the evening of Wednesday 4 October 2017 with everything crossed that we win. Wish us luck.


zappi is now an OLEV approved product. Customers you can now claim upto £500 back off our product and install from the government. If you have it installed with one of our OLEV installers. You can also check the gov website for local OLEV installs.

Any OLEV installers that want to add zappi to their portfolio please drop us an email –


myenergi over the coming months will be filming a series of video blogs explaining product features and demonstrating product installs. If you make a video installing one of our products or even reviewing a product fire it over and we’ll add it to our growing YouTube channel.


BHC in Ireland will be the first distributor in the world to receive a batch of products. We’d like to thank Pearse and his team for supporting us from day 1 and having faith in us as a start-up company. BHC have sole distribution for Ireland so please contact them today if you’d like to get your hands on one in Ireland or become one of BHC’s approved installers.


We’ve teamed up with a very talented team of professionals offering our products and the install as a whole package covering the whole of the UK. If you want our products retrofitted but have no idea what to do next contact the girls at Greenio. If you don’t yet have solar panels they can also organise an installer to come out and give you a quote.

Thank you for reading, we’ll keep you posted on our progression. Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions. Its going to be an exciting few months and we’ll let you know next month how dispatch of the first products went.

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