Hey All,

After a successful 3 days at solar&storage live we’ve officially sold out of our first batch of zappi’s.

Orders are coming in nicely so thank you to all our early adopters and supporters.

There is a 3-4 week lead time from the day of ordering, with a first come first served priority as we ramp up production smoothly here at our base in Binbrook, Lincolnshire.

We’ve signed up new installers, distributors and got to meet some lovely end users.

We got asked a lot of the same questions at the show, so I just thought I’d do a little FAQ session on YouTube to hopefully give some clarity on the zappi product.

Myself and Lee will do a video next week answering some of the more complex questions regarding, multiple zappi’s installed in one home, battery storage, 3 phase developments, the app, and Demand Side Response.

Leave comments below if you’d like us to cover any other topics.

Eddi and harvi videos coming soon.

All the best,

The myenergi Team.