Newsletter5 25/01/18

First 2018 written blog –

Firstly massive apologies for not updating you before now. When I say it’s been manic here that is an understatement. When we’re quiet it simply means we are crazy busy. Thank you for an epic start to the year and your continued and growing support, we’ve some huge announcements over these coming few months.

Production – As you may have seen on our website there is currently a 3-4 week lead time on ALL products. This is due to a mixture of reasons, the first being we’re selling out quicker than we can produce (not complaining), component/supplier delays (complaining), up until now we’ve had limited funds to expand and commit to larger quantities of components which has slowed things down, enter next segment.

Investment – We’re super excited to tell you all this. myenergi have secured £1.2 million investment from in our eyes two of the best businessmen in the UK. Sir Terry Leahy former CEO of Tesco & start up investor and Mr Bill Currie founder of the William Currie Group who’ve backed an impressive profile of businesses. This investment is a dream come true for us all here at the Lincolnshire base. Demand for the products is there. We’re now working extra hard to get the back logged orders out whilst we ramp up our production capacity to meet new demand.

Investment will allow us to employ more staff in the Lincolnshire and surrounding areas. Commit to larger volumes of components to manufacture more products, spend some money on marketing which we haven’t done yet and finally release more products that we have on the bench for you all to enjoy.

FullyCharged LIVE –What more can I say !! 9th-10th June Silverstone, we will be there loud and proud supporting the FC teams first event!

Training sessions – We are planning on holding another installer training session very soon and setting more dates for up and coming months. Our products can be as simple or complex as you need them to be and we want all our installers to know the products inside out to help the homeowner get as much use out of them as possible. Please get in touch if you’d be interested in registering for the training days at:

Products in development – As many of you know, since launching our crowd funding campaign last year we decided to develop an un-tethered version of zappi. Truth be told, we underestimated the feasibility of getting this product out. Now we’ve secured investment we’re hoping to have this and the app out by Spring/Summer 2018.

The app will allow new and existing customers to take remote control of their products, set timed charges or boosts, switch surplus power priorities if you have solar or wind generation, the app will also list data and savings showing you exactly how your energy is managed.

Other developments are taking place in R&D however we will hold some cards close to our chest ?

Thank you for reading, we’ll keep you posted on our progression. Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions. Its going to be an exciting year and we’ll let you know next month how a now invested myenergi is going.

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