About Us

At Myenergi our mission is simple, to help businesses and homeowners save money through reducing their energy bills and ultimately become part of a sustainable future.

What We Do

We are continuously developing effective sustainable solutions for both commercial use, as well as for the homeowner and as such, supplying tens of thousands of properties nationwide with our products.

From domestic products to export control for privately owned turbines or small solar farms, surplus energy that is exported back to the National Grid can be as high as 80%, we make systems whereby 100% of that microgenerated energy can be self-consumed.

Our market-leading range of energy control products boasts British design, compliance and the latest eco technology to minimise reliance on mains supply.

Our in-house team of experts work on everything from invention to design and manufacture, so we know our products inside out and we offer excellent technical support.

Lee Sutton

Lee Sutton


Green tech enthusiast, electronics engineer, passionate about supplying the market with reliable robust products and manifesting his eco ideas into reality. 10 years of experience in the Renewable industry designing and bringing to market award winning products.

Jordan Brompton

Jordan Brompton

Business Development Manager

Jordan bubbles with enthusiasm for anything to do with renewable energy, electric vehicles and business. She’s the face of the company and the woman behind the sales, marketing and branding.

Robin Richard

Robin Richard

Electronics Engineer

Robin is the main developer of the zappi. French graduate and little genius – Musk needs to watch his back.

Rose Read

Administrator, bookkeeper and all round sweetheart.


Electronic and Software genius our very own spud eating hippy.


Hands on tech assistant that takes the pressure of the team by getting involved with everything.




A handful of the team. Lee, Jordan, Chris, Robin and Sean.

“To innovate the best green products to help create a sustainable future. Using business and passion to inspire and implement solutions for climate change and fuel poverty.”

Our Mission Statement

Myenergi is a British designer and manufacturer of renewable products that increase the self-consumption of green energy.

Tel: 01472 398182

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@MyEnergiLTD one of the coolest renewable companies, looking forward to ordering my #zappi and excited to see what you do next! #offgrid

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