Ordering zappi

Hello All, Just thought I'd write a short blog entry to answer some FAQ's with regards to purchasing zappi. OUR PRICE - The £495-£529 price is the RRP of zappi. You can purchase from us and have your own electrician fit the product or call one of our...

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Solar&Storage LIVE

Hey All, After a successful 3 days at solar&storage live we've officially sold out of our first batch of zappi's. Orders are coming in nicely so thank you to all our early adopters and supporters. There is a 3-4 week lead time from the day of ordering, with a...

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Update – 20/09/17

eddi – Well it’s official our first product is in full production and out in the world. We’ve dispatched 100 units of our first batch to early adopters in the UK & Ireland and the results so far have been excellent. “ I've recently had an...

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Update – Production, OLEV, Install & Distribution

Production Hello from the myenergi team. We’ve got so much to tell you this month. We a time scale for dispatch of both products. zappi has been pushed back slightly due to a piece of production equipment not arriving in time and software tweaks, however eddi has been...

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Myenergi is a British designer and manufacturer of renewable products that increase the self-consumption of green energy.

Tel: 01472 398182

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GRANT THOMAS @GrantAThomas explains the ZAPPI car charger @MyEnergiLTD in a nice short package video -clear and concise --- WONDERFUL PRODUCT.@KateFantom @FullyChargedShw @massossltd @ecocars1 @OrkneyRenewable https://t.co/XZtc3tvZlJ

When the legend @pluginadventure met our Nissan before he met us 😂💚👌🏼 #tbt #throwback #Orkney #fullycharged @ecocars1 #event

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