News update – includes intersolar, production and general info

Production - Hello from the myenergi team. It’s production month!! We have components travelling to us by, boat, plane and van as we speak to begin production here in Binbrook. We’d like to thank everyone who’s already bought or waiting to buy our products for your...

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myenergi hits Orkney for the EcoCars event to showcase zappi

Jordan and Mike from myenergi drove 595 miles up to Orkney in the companies branded Nissan Leaf to support Jonathan Porterfield and Neil Kermode of Ecocars with their event and to promote the zappi. Robert Llewelyn (actor, presenter, writer, eco activist) was also in...

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zappi – seai’s ‘Product of the Future’

MyEnergi are delighted to have won their first award - 'Product of the Future' for the zappi EV charger at the fantastically organised & prestigious event - The Energy Show 2017 in Dublin. MyEnergi have partnered up with BHC Distributors to bring their innovative...

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G100 Export Limitation Scheme

Ever drive past a turbine on a windy day and see it switched off? Besides from being serviced or repaired, this is a common occurrence. Private owners or companies sometimes have to switch off their turbine because it's generating too much energy for the grid to...

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Myenergi is a British designer and manufacturer of renewable products that increase the self-consumption of green energy.

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What (if anything) can stop the rapid rise of #ElectricVehicles? @bobbyllew @FullyChargedShw @LNeckermann @colinmckerrache @FredericLambert

Finally some #zappi FAQ's have been added to the site, sorry for the delay. Let me know if you have a question about our #eco #ev #charger.

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