Solar&Storage LIVE

Hey All, After a successful 3 days at solar&storage live we've officially sold out of our first batch of zappi's. Orders are coming in nicely so thank you to all our early adopters and supporters. There is a 3-4 week lead time from the day of ordering, with a...

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Update – 20/09/17

eddi – Well it’s official our first product is in full production and out in the world. We’ve dispatched 100 units of our first batch to early adopters in the UK & Ireland and the results so far have been excellent. “ I've recently had an...

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Update – Production, OLEV, Install & Distribution

Production Hello from the myenergi team. We’ve got so much to tell you this month. We a time scale for dispatch of both products. zappi has been pushed back slightly due to a piece of production equipment not arriving in time and software tweaks, however eddi has been...

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Fully Charged

Hello Folks, Just a little update to let you know we're closer to production, the tech team are writing software as we speak, components are arriving daily. We'll do a video update when the team are actually manufacturing your products here in Binbrook, then another...

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News update – includes intersolar, production and general info

Production - Hello from the myenergi team. It’s production month!! We have components travelling to us by, boat, plane and van as we speak to begin production here in Binbrook. We’d like to thank everyone who’s already bought or waiting to buy our products for your...

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zappi is popping up around Norway 😊💚👌🏼
Thank you Robort at for the photo update of zappi in a car showroom on its fancy new stand.

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