Will you be developing an untethered zappi unit?

Yes, we’re hoping to release the untethered version shortly after the cabled zappi. We’ll keep you posted on our website.

Can I not just use an ordinary charger and plug my car in when its sunny or windy?

You can but the zappi is more intelligent in that it monitors import and export power and continually adjusts the charge power, this minimises power being drawn from the grid. So for example, if a load is turned on in the house, the charging power will be reduced, the same would happen when a cloud passes over.

As well as automatically reacting to house load and generation changes, zappi can also react to availability of economy tariff electricity, this can be by time of day or by presence of a mains signal.

Is zappi an Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) registered product?

We have applied for zappi to be registered as an OLEV charger, we’re hoping to have an answer shortly. Stay tuned for updates.

Will it damage the car battery if the charge current is continuously varied ?

A few people have shown concern about this, let us put your mind at rest: The EV charging protocol was always designed to enable the current to be adjusted during a charge, one good reason for this is the fact that in the future, the National Grid will need to do this as demand varies. The actual charge power is always fully controlled by the EV itself, zappi is simply taking advantage of this feature of the charging protocol.

If using the eco+ mode, is there a risk that the car will only be partly-charged?

That’s right – when charging in ECO+ mode there is a risk that the car will not fully charge. However, zappi has a smart boost feature that can be set to ensure the battery is charged to a set minimum by a set time of day. Alternatively eco mode could be used instead of eco+ this will ensure the charge completes. eco+ mode is best used when you’re not in a hurry to charge or when the weather conditions are perfect for charging.

How will zappi work alongside an exsisting third party water heater such as immersun or iboost?

In an ideal situation you’d have the eddi installed and the units will talk to each other, but to answer your question. The zappi essentially uses the same methodology as the water heater controller, but you can set the zappi to have priority over the power.

The thinking behind this is that a kWh of electricity to charge your car is worth around 15p, whereas a kWh of gas to heat your water costs about 5p, so it is better to charge your car than heat your water

No you don’t need a new inverter.

How does zappi monitor the surplus from my PV?

The zappi uses a clip on current sensor to monitor the flow of import and export power to and from the property. This sensor simply clips around the cable from the meter.

Will zappi save me money?

Because of zappi’s special eco and eco+ mode the zappi charger is an investement,  it’s the first charger on the market to pay for itself in savings. zappi uses surplus (free) solar or wind power from your microgeneration system to charge the electric vehicle.

Meaning on sunny or windy days you could be driving around on a completely FREE charge.

Can I access or download data from zappi?

The LCD display allows you to view charge logs which show the proportion of free and grid energy for each charge. We’re also developing an app that will be available towards the end of the year.

You’ll be able to download all your data from the date of install and remotely control the charge point to boost, set timings or charge mode etc… Stay tuned for updates.

Is it simple to replace my exsisting home charge point with the zappi?

Yes it’s a very simple swap with the same wiring, the only difference is that you need to clip the supplied current sensor around the meter tail and connect this to the zappi. You will soon have the option to purchase a wireless and battery free sensor.

I dont have solar panels or a wind turbine, can I still use zappi?
Absolutely, zappi’s FAST mode does the same job as any other EVSE on the market. The zappi is priced very similar to standard EV chargers, so you may as well install zappi if your thinking about going green in the future.
How easy is it to install?

For anyone competent, it is very simple; zappi needs a suitable supply (16 or 32A) and the current transformer (CT), which is supplied, is then clipped around the incoming supply to the property.

Your preffered electrician/installer can fit the zappi for you. If you’re struggling to find one please do not hestiate to contact us, we’ll do our best to source a local installer.

Does is matter what size PV system I have on my roof? Or wind turbine?

zappi doesn’t ‘care’ about the size of the PV or wind system, it only monitors the power being imported or exported from the property. The only limitation is the CT’s 100A limit which equates to 23kW single-phase generation or 69kW across three phases.

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