“It’s so nice to come to work and truly believe in something,” says Courtney Lamb, our very own Accounts Executive.


Courtney has been with us since February 2018 and, as one of our first ever employees, she has been a key person in our tremendous growth. She describes the progress she has seen so far as “non-stop”, having experienced the team grow from 7 to 30+ people and our premises expand into two new units.


Part of the journey


“We’re only getting bigger,” she says, “and I love to think that I’ll always be able to say I was here from the beginning. I am a big fan of the local area and it’s wonderful to think we’re creating so many jobs within it.


“Everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal, but we wouldn’t be where we are today without the massive support we have received. Our customers believed in us from the start and we’re extremely grateful for that.”


An average day for Courtney involves handling our accounts, from sales and purchasing to VAT returns and organising distribution from the warehouse. As is the case with all of our wonderful team, she is always looking to help out in other areas too.


Close ties


Our Co-Founder Jordan has been close friends with Courtney for years, with the pair growing up together having lived two doors down from one another when they were 5-years-old.

“It’s brilliant to work with someone I’ve known for so long. I love working with Jordan as it just makes my loyalties to myenergi and commitment to the cause even stronger. Jordan means the world to me and joining myenergi has been the best decision.”


Prior to joining our fantastic team, Courtney worked at The Pier in Cleethorpes, the very place Jordan had her beautiful wedding, which she remembers as “an amazing day”.

“My previous roles have been jobs I had because I needed to work, but this is totally different,” she says. “I love coming into work now and it’s exciting to watch us grow so quickly.”


Going green


Courtney, who currently drives an electric Renault ZOE to and from the office, had been making gradual steps towards a greener future before joining myenergi but her role here has encouraged her to make even bigger strides.


“I was totally new to renewables when I first arrived but have loved being a part of the green team from day one. I went vegetarian three years ago but my time here has helped me become completely on board with our values and everything myenergi stand for,” she says.

“Everybody believes in what we’re doing and that’s what makes our work so lovely. The biggest positive has to be what myenergi stands for; what we’re about; our vision for the future.”