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Energy harvesting wireless sensor.

We manufacture everything here in the UK, please allow for a 1-2 week lead time from date of ordering.

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harvi is a clever little device that enables the zappi and eddi products to be installed without using a wired current transformer (CT) for measuring the grid and or generation power; instead the CT is connected to harvi. No power source is needed for harvi – the energy from the CT is harvested and used to transmit the measurement signal to the zappi or eddi. This means batteries or electrical wiring are eliminated!


  • Wireless power sensor
  • Energy harvesting – no batteries or electrical wiring required
  • Uses standard CT supplied with eddi & zappi products
  • 3 CT inputs for 3-phase supplies
  • Grid/Generation/Storage measurement configurable
  • Fast & accurate measurement
  • Wall mountable


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Click here to view the Harvi product manual


  1. Ewan McLaren

    What an amazing product!

  2. ed

    will you be releasing a monitoring screen (like owl) or app?

    • Jordan Brompton

      Hey Ed,

      Yes that is the plan 🙂

      We’ll keep you posted on it.

      Best wishes,
      Jordee and Team.

    • Jordan Brompton

      Hey Ed, Yes we will be releasing an app, pushing for September release. Best wishes, Jordan.

  3. Frank Baldry

    Not a review – yet. I’ll order when I have my PV system install date.
    Qu: Does the Harvi transmit to Zappi over existing Wifi or its own dedicated Wifi?

    • Jordan Brompton

      Hey Frank, all myenergi products communicate using proprietary protocol, 868MHz. Best wishes, Jordan.

  4. B D Smith

    Excellent piece of kit. The Harvi, located in the meter cupboard outside, reliably sends data to the Eddi that is hidden in the airing cupboard on the 1st floor. Unlike other sensors I’ve used, there’s no need to mess around replacing batteries.

  5. Hans Harskamp (verified owner)

    Hey Jordan, I am very happy with the Zappi and Harvi. What a great electrical engineering ! Your company give a great and fast service. I hope the app will coming soon. I also have a question about update’s. Is it possible to upgrade the firmware after buying a Zappi. I bought one of the first Zappi’s and now I see that there is new firmware. I hope you can update the Zappi when there are new improvements or new features.
    And then a final question. Are there plan’s to make it possible that Zappi will act two ways.
    In the Netherlands they will stop government benefits for delivering solar power to the grid. So It should me nice if you can use your EV battery as a backup power bank, so that you can use a little of your own green power during the moments that there is no solar power available. That will reduce the cost of the electricy bill from the electric company.

  6. Robert Axford

    “Will you be releasing a monitoring screen (like owl) or app? Yes we will be releasing an app, pushing for September release. Best wishes, Jordan.”

    Any news on this? thanks

    • Jordan Brompton

      Hey Robert, sorry for the delay, we had some issues when testing that we’re still ironing out. We are still a few weeks off. Keep an eye on the site for when we release the hub and app. Best wishes, Jordan.

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