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zappi is an Electric Vehicle charge point that has an array of features & flexibility.
The first on the market to maximise your home/businesses micro-generation of Solar or Wind.

We manufacture everything here in the UK, please allow up to 1 week lead time from date of ordering.

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  • 3 charging modes (Fast, Eco and Eco+)
  • OLEV approved
  • Solar PV/wind turbine not required – can still be used like a standard charge point
  • Boost function – keeps the battery at a minimum charge level
  • Economy Tariff sensing to maximise savings
  • 6A to 32A variable charging 
  • Integral RCD for earth leakage protection
  • IP65 rated enclosure suitable for outdoors
  • Energy data logging
  • Graphical back-lit LCD screen for ease of use
  • 5 metre, 32A rated cable with Type 1 or Type 2 charge plug
  • Adjustable charge current limit – allows installation with smaller circuit breakers (e.g. 16A)
  • Adjustable import power limit  – The maximum import limit can be set to limit power drawn by the house when charging
  • In-line mounting holes for easy fixing to brick or timber stud walls
  • Through-wall or surface mount cable entry options for easy wiring 
  • 3-year warranty

Zappi Specifications

Dimensions: 362 x 220 x 78mm

Charging Mode: Mode 3 (AC)

Maximum Charge Current: 32A (7kW)

Supply: 90-256V 16A or 32A 50/60Hz

Compliance: BS 8300:2009+A1:2010, BS EN 61851, BS EN 62196

Additional information

Weight6.2 kg
Dimensions7.8 x 22 x 36.2 cm

Type 1 connector (5m), Type 1 connector (8m), Type 2 connector (5m), Type 2 connector (8m)



  1. Paul Hayden

    Just had my Zappi installed last week (by GreenWorld, Chester) and am absolutely delighted with the system.
    It is simplicity itself to switch through the charging modes and the graphics showing where the power is coming from and going are very well depicted on a very clear backlit screen.
    Also the unit looks very neat and appropriate on the front of the house and doesn’t have the slightly “industrial” appearance of some of the other systems I have seen.
    My communications throughout with MyEnergi and the installer were excellent. I would highly recommend.

  2. David Tomlinson

    Had my Zappi installed a week ago. Works perfectly – well done guys!
    Discovered an undocumented feature – a sharp tap with the knuckle on it brings the backlight on! Now, where’s that summer sun gone?

  3. Thomas

    Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 xbamb

  4. Andy Maybury

    I installed our Zappi a couple of weeks ago and we are enjoying it working its magic!
    We have an Open Energy Monitor on various feeds in the house and the traces from that are great to see; tight matching.
    It has the best menu navigation system that I have come across for a device with only four buttons!
    Well done, team.

  5. Nuwan Eshwara

    I have got my Zappi unit installed yesterday and I am so delighted with it. It works a charm and providing tons of information on screen. I only went for the unit becuase of its ability to use Solar power to charge the car without sending it to the grid but having used the Zappi unit and reading about its features I am absolutely delighted with my choice. I can’t wait to see the mobile App in the development to come out. Keep your good work going. Highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a home charger for theeir EV.
    Thank you

  6. Steve Ashton

    I have had the charger for a couple of weeks now and it does all that it claims to do. To test the Eco+ mode I had to disable the PWII as at this time of year my 10kWp PV struggles to supply even the 5kW the PWII will take. Unmanaged Eco+ will only be usable to us in the summer months. Like the post above I am eagerly awaiting the HUB/API so I can intelligently prioritise the generation between the PWII and the car.

  7. James Harding

    I install EV charge points, and have done a number of Zappis. They are superb units, in terms of build quality, features and attractiveness. Above all, my customers are equally impressed, and especially those who have employed the PV integration. (Find me in the “Find and Installer” section of this website, operating up to 40 miles from Gatwick area)

  8. Mark Blooman

    Going green(er) so cars now both electric. Solar added. Needed an ev charger. Installed by Spirit Energy. Nice folk. As a charger its as easy as any I have used. Attractive – and still developing and improving. Excellent device. The screen information is amazing. It really needs an app to relay that remotely – until then – cup of tea, sandwich – deck chair – and I sit an watch how much is coming off the sun just for me – how much the house is using…. how many miles I drive for free. It is wonderful.

  9. Steve Shannon

    I can confirm that Zappi is an excellent charger. Recently has Tesla Powerwall 2 installed along with solar panels and it is great to see the cars being charged by solar energy and it’s excellent to be able to control how energy is prioritised between house and car and indeed the rate of charge. I too would like to see a Zappi mobile app.

  10. Nigel Rudgewick-Brown (verified owner)

    Easy to replace an old charger with the Zappi, just 30 minutes.
    While I wait for the app, I have set up a webcam pointing at the display, so at least I can monitor whats going on.

  11. Sascia

    Prodotto ottimo, l’unico che a questo prezzo regola automaticamente la carica in base all’energia del mio impianto fotovoltaico. 5 stelle,

    • Jordan Brompton

      Grazie per la recensione, siamo contenti che ti piaccia il tuo zappi 🙂

  12. Peter Rogers

    zappi is a brilliant piece of kit, such a simple concept yet brilliant design. Mine was installed by Powerpac on Wednesday and already the car is charging on sunshine with a tiny bit of grid electricity. It also looks the business, very neat, not like some of the other huge monsters you can see screwed to people’s walls. The menus are easy to use and there is loads of information about the progress of changing and charge history. I just hope the sun keeps shining!

  13. Jamie A

    This is a fantastic bit of kit. It has the advantage of being very simple to use (once you have it on the mode you want you can just leave it there, and all you have to do is plug and unplug like any other charger). However, unlike any other charger out there it also has loads of technical details in the settings so you can programme it to suit your car, home, microgen and energy tariff. It also stores loads of data which is great if you are an EV geek like me. But if you aren’t, you’ll still find it dead easy to use. It’s so satisfying to make better use of the power from your PV array, and to be driving around on a tank of sunshine!

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